To be violent, is human

It is time to talk about this. This social media hypocrisy. Ladies, are you really that holy? Ladies on social media love to claim the moral high ground. It almost seems as if women can do no wrong. We all know that is not the truth. I was engaged in a conversation where a lady said she would love to have a female only network. I responded based on a fact that most thirst traps get more likes from men than women. Naturally, I got hit with a barrage of replies stating that men are creeps. I agree. Men are creeps. However, are all women saints? Are all men creeps? In the same thread, a lady admitted that there are females with bitterness in their hearts. I love how she coined it to avoid calling them creeps.

Men are bad. Surely, that must be the agenda. However, I believe that women are equally as bad as men. They are simply limited by their inability to act upon such sinister desires in certain scenarios. There are recorded cases of women physically molesting men, especially when such women physically dominate. There are recorded cases of women molesting their servants. There are recorded cases of women physically abusing children. There are recorded cases of women abusing, both verbally and physically, other women. In all those cases, there is a constant factor – the abusers (all women) were able to physically dominates the abused.

A lady wore skimpy shorts to a notorious market. There was an uproar on social media. However, there are recorded cases of women ganging up on a guy. In those cases, they held a numerical advantage which was converted to physical dominance.

Recently, a lady complained about adults sending nudes to her child. The child was male. The adults were female.

Violence is neither a women’s problem nor a men’s problem, it is a human problem.

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