All of us in Lagos are mad

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If you think you have heard that title before, you are partially right. It is inspired from the book written by Damilare Kuku – Nearly all the men in Lagos are mad. It is a brilliant anthology of stories of the shege seen by several women in the hands of the men of Lagos. Interesting read. I recommend. There is a follow up novel by Chukwu Ugbonna, Who drove nearly all Lagos men mad? I haven’t read it.

Inspired by both book titles, I realised that “madness” is not gender specific. It affects both genders. All of us are mad. Especially in Lagos. Lagos has a way of bringing out the crazy in us.

I tried to explore these concept by writing a collection of short stories describing the antics of Lagosians as seen from the perspective of an observer.

My intention was to release a hard copy but I am feeling generous and will release the stories on this blog. I will create a category for it so you can read all the stories.

Have fun.

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