yellow vans on side of roadyellow vans on side of road

The Commute Conumdrum

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Lagos traffic – the daily battleground where time, patience, and sanity collided. On this particular morning, I found myself wedged between a giant yellow bus blaring Fuji music and a bumper-to-bumper lineup that seemed to defy the laws of physics. As I sat in my car, contemplating the meaning of life, the absurdity of Lagos traffic unfolded before my eyes.

yellow vans on side of road

To my left, a man on a scooter expertly weaved through the stagnant sea of cars, his helmet adorned with what looked like a miniature garden. Plastic flowers of every color imaginable bobbed as he maneuvered effortlessly, like a traffic fairy spreading cheer in the midst of chaos.

Suddenly, a loud burst of laughter erupted from the car in front of me. I peered through my windshield to witness a heated debate between two drivers – not about the traffic, mind you, but about the latest Nollywood blockbuster. Honks and laughter intermingled as the traffic turned into a makeshift cinema, complete with passionate critics in the driver’s seats.

As if on cue, a street vendor approached, selling everything from plantain chips to self-help books. In the spirit of embracing the chaos, a man in a suit rolled down his window and enthusiastically purchased a bag of snacks, only to realize he had no cash. A barter system ensued, and soon the businessman found himself with a bag of chips in exchange for his tie – a true Lagosian business transaction.

Just when I thought the comedy had reached its peak, a man on the sidewalk seized the opportunity to showcase his dance moves. With the traffic at a standstill, he transformed the sidewalk into his personal dance floor, entertaining a captivated audience of frustrated motorists. His energetic routine became an impromptu street performance, turning the grumbles of irritation into laughter.

As I sat in my car, surrounded by the absurdity of Lagos traffic, I couldn’t help but join in the collective amusement. Truly, only in Lagos could a morning commute become a carnival of comedy, a testament to the city’s ability to find joy in the midst of exasperation.

And so, as the traffic eventually began to inch forward, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. In Lagos, where the unexpected is the norm, each commute is a potential comedy show waiting to unfold. After all, in this city, laughter is the best way to beat the traffic blues, and truly, all of us in Lagos are mad – madly in love with the hilarity that defines our daily lives.

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