beige couch and armchairbeige couch and armchair

The House of Wits

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Yetunde, a savvy real estate agent with an unyielding commitment to professionalism, found herself facing a prospective buyer named Mr. Johnson. He had expressed interest in a prime property, but it became clear that Mr. Johnson had more than just real estate on his mind.

beige couch and armchair

As they stood in front of the elegant property, Mr. Johnson’s subtle attempts to steer the conversation in a different direction were met with a polite but firm redirection from Yetunde. She spoke passionately about the property’s features – the spacious living areas, the modern kitchen, and the panoramic view from the terrace. However, as the tour progressed, Mr. Johnson’s intentions became increasingly evident.

“Yetunde, my dear, such a beautiful property deserves to be celebrated properly. Why don’t we discuss this over a meal? I have a cozy guest house nearby,” he suggested, a suggestive glint in his eye.

Yetunde, undeterred by the inappropriate proposition, maintained her composure. “Mr. Johnson, I appreciate your interest in the property. Let’s focus on the real reason we’re here – the house itself.”

Mr. Johnson persisted, insisting that a more personal discussion would seal the deal. Unfazed, Yetunde gracefully deflected his advances. “I understand the importance of a comfortable setting for negotiations. Let’s finalize the details right here, right now, and ensure you secure this remarkable property.”

As they sat on the terrace overlooking the city skyline, Yetunde skillfully guided the conversation back to the property’s selling points. She presented the advantages of the location, the potential for appreciation, and the investment value. With each point, Mr. Johnson’s focus gradually shifted from his inappropriate proposition to the property in question.

Realizing that Yetunde was not easily swayed, Mr. Johnson conceded. Yetunde seized the opportunity, producing a contract for him to sign. With a victorious smile, she said, “Congratulations, Mr. Johnson. You’ve just made a wise investment in a property that will undoubtedly appreciate over time.”

As Mr. Johnson signed the contract, his disappointment at the failed seduction attempt was apparent. Yetunde, however, maintained her professionalism, offering a handshake and a genuine smile. “Thank you for choosing me as your real estate agent. I’m confident you’ll be pleased with your decision.”

As Yetunde walked away from the property, having closed the deal without compromising her principles, she couldn’t help but reflect on the encounter. In the world of real estate, where negotiations often extend beyond property boundaries, her ability to outsmart Mr. Johnson became a testament to her resilience and commitment to her ideals.

And so, as she drove away, navigating the bustling streets of Lagos, Yetunde chuckled to herself, “All of us in Lagos are mad, but some of us know how to turn the madness into victory.”

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